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Your Guide to Organization

Organizing isn’t for everyone, but for those who understand the power of an organized environment, it is truly rewarding. Here are a few tips to transform any living space and turn it into your dream space.

Closet Organization

Adding more cubbies, hanging space, or any free-standing options will enable you to maximize your space.

Considering what design or materials you like to see will save you the headache of feeling like your closet still looks cluttered despite just cleaning it. Get matching hangers, baskets, and hooks!

College Dorm Room Organization

Taking advantage of the vertical space in your tiny dorm room is the best way to keep things off the floor. Hanging organizers for your shoes, coats or even school materials will save you some extra storage!

Take only what you need and make room for new clothes! If you’re thinking of joining a club, or a sorority, you might actually get a few new shirts and hoodies on campus.

Moving Organization

A moving binder lets you keep track of all the contracts, receipts, even home inventory, contacts of people in your moving, and even your mood board for decor ideas all in one place.

Prepare early. Pack by room. Label! Strategizing which part of your home to pack first and listing down which ones you can donate or sell can help you stay on top. Labels will make your unpacking be a breeze once you get to your new home.

An organized space allows you to begin working on what’s next. Life can be chaotic at times - let Simplified Solutions take away the stress for you!

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