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$1,500.00 | Virtual Meetings Available

The Design and Organization package provides assistance with every aspect of the dorm room including: 1 on 1 meetings, dorm location ranking, overall design, layout, personal shopping, organizational products, and tips to maximize space. This package will have you ready for move in day with a seamless plan in mind to move in your daughter or son! 

Dorm Design & Organization

$500.00 | Virtual Meetings Available

The hardest part about shopping for a dorm room is knowing exactly what items to get. To simplify this for you, we will send a detailed list of items that your son or daughter will actually need in their dorm room, including our organizational recommendations! Along with this, we will provide a variety of different layouts to fit multiple roommates, design elements, and organizational products.

Dorm Shopping List & Layouts

$250.00 | Virtual Meetings Available

Figuring out the best way to configure your child's dorm room can be very difficult if they want to add additional furniture or don't want their bed lofted. This package will provide you with a variety of layout options that should help you feel ready on move in day! 

Dorm Layout Options

"Simplified Solutions is amazing at what they do! They made my daughters room look fantastic, all while making the hard work look effortless! But what’s even more amazing about Simplified Solutions is how much they care. Sarah and her team care about the customers desires. I loved how she sat and talked to my daughter to see her vision, and gave her multiple choices to pick from in order to make it a reality. They also make changes when needed in order to amplify the customers vision even better. I love her and her team and will be using Simplified Solutions in the near future!"


- TCU Mom 
Houston, Texas

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