Business organization

In person Business organization

$70 per hour

Simplified Solutions will work to organize any part of your business! Whether it's organizing an office, closet, or copy room, implementing office management techniques, streamlining systems, updating processes, or designing a website, let us help you make your business more efficient!

We can help implement many different systems to organize your business. There are many programs such as Office365, Quickbooks, Docusign, Asana, and more that can be put into place to organize and help make your business successful!

Virtual business organization

$120 for 2 hours

Connect with Simplified Solutions virtually and let us organize your business! even online we can work with you to organize any aspect of your business by teaching organization techniques and implementing new workplace processes that will simplify your entire workspace!

These video chat sessions can be a full 2 hour session or it can be broken into two 1 hour sessions. Once we hit the 2 hour mark, additional hours can be added for $50 for a half hour and $25 for fifteen minutes.